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Personal Coaching benefits people to ensure they reach their full potential.  Coaching is about improvement, it is focused on the here and now and what steps to take to create the future you want and that you 'buy into'. 


As an executive coach or mentor I am an independent, non-judgmental, critical thinking partner who assists you (confidentially) in exploring key aspects of your attitudes and behaviours in your workplace and in your life.

My approach differs from traditional coaching rah rah, I am not a life coach, I am a professional coach and personal mentor with over 30 years experience. I am structured direct and deliver you tangible outcomes. This is a proven aspect of personal transition designed and practiced for 15 years, it gives you valuable time away from the noise of everyday life each week to reflect and redefine what constitutes your personal success and happiness.


Your personal coaching programme is specifically designed to empower you to transform aspects of your life and how you can influence the out comes.  It develops your personal power, self regard and confidence.



Through Coaching you will learn how to align with your values, to create more inspiring, positive and productive outcomes in your life and subsequently in the lives of others.

Take the first step to creating the life you want click HERE ​ for a complimentary 30 minute consultation or call 07787 513205

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