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Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Emotional Intelligence specialist.

How my counselling approach can assist you.

Navigating through life's challenges can be overwhelming. Factors such as demanding work schedules, maintaining relationships, poor nutrition, and unhealthy coping mechanisms can intensify feelings of anxiety, adversely affect our mood, and disrupt sleep. However, seeking the right counselling can alleviate these struggles. My unique six-session approach focuses on understanding your personal situation and equipping you with effective coping strategies. I challenge the thinking that most people have mental health problems when in fact its an emotional health issue which can be quickly and effectively addressed.

Choosing wellness is within your power, and I am here to guide you. My unique six-session strategy is designed to help you see improvements swiftly! Over the course of six 50-minute sessions, we will explore your specific situation and how to effectively navigate it. Honesty with yourself is our starting point. You'll start to feel less bogged down by life's circumstances, gaining a sense of control over them. Let's take the first steps towards greater understanding together.

 click HERE ​for a complementary 30 minute consultation by contacting 07787 513205

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