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Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Emotional Intelligence specialist.

The anxiety of the monotony of commuting to work every day,  along with the inevitable internal question 'am I doing ok?' dominates our life and work for years. The stress of simply making relationships work, let alone keeping everyone else happy, can lead to us feeling anxious, low mood, or even depressed.  Long working days, dark nights and poor diet, maybe even drinking, drugs and gambling lead to a lack of sleep, and things can seem out of our control. They all take their toll at some point. Everything seems an effort, just having the energy to keep going can be hard.  It can be scary to tell someone how this feels. Finding the courage to eventually seek out the right therapist, one who understands, and one that can help is often the best option. Well done for even reading this, it is a step in the right direction to feeling better. 

How my approach to counselling helps.

Wellness is a choice, that's why I am here for you. My six-session approach is very different. It has been developed to get you results quickly!

It will take six 50-minute sessions with me to establish your own personal situation and how to deal with it. 

Being honest with yourselves and others first and foremost. You will feel less overwhelmed by the circumstances of your life and able to control them. 

Take the first steps to learning more  click HERE ​for a complementary 30 minute consultation by contacting 07787 513205

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