In today’s uncertain world, it is essential to check and confirm that your organisation and people are aligned to changing market and global conditions, customer needs and world trends.


Strategic Alignment workshops have been successfully conducted in over 600 companies. It is a business transformation process that delivers clarity and consensus on the strategy and execution of commercial 'go to' market initiatives.


These Strategy Review Workshops are intense, stimulating and enjoyable. The workshops are led by global expert facilitators skilled at drawing out insights and making sure that the whole team contributes.


Your key team is taken through a series of exercises that address the 11 pillars of our business alignment framework. The following key aspects are explored and defined:

  • Reviewing your customers needs- what are they now?

  • Understanding your key market and its trends-whats really going on?

  • Redefining your market place and value chain-how has this changed?

  • Revisiting your Value proposition and cost/benefit analysis- are we aligned?

  • Highlighting your Routes-to-market strategy-what are we doing now?

  • Defining a consensual common vision to the fastest return in the shortest time with the minimum risk.

Throughout the workshop your key staff will be challenged and your strategy stress-tested to ensure it aligns to current market trends and objectives.


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