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Life is about people, my approach focuses on guiding people to create the life they want!  

For 20 years my Emotional Intelligence (EI) approach has been proven in supporting and developing individuals to better understand, attitudes and behaviour. I deliver a series of scientifically-proven modules which enable your company to put cognitive reasoning into the business thought processes; this supports the profound change and brings empowerment and motivation back into personal and professional life. This is conducted in real-time entirely online which is important during difficult times. Emotional and Mental health has never been more important than today. 

Through this approach you will find that:

•    You are supported, seen, heard and valued, your personal and interpersonal skills will develop

•    You become more productive and effective at work and in your life
•    Your decision-making  becomes more cognitive, sound and robust.  

•    You will experience less stress and become more resilient, you will develop your personal self regard

The programmes:

•    Taster sessions, pilots and EI snapshots
•    Leadership climate indicators
•    1-5 day experiential programmes
•    EI in-house staff support programmes 
I offer Emotional Intelligent Executive Training tailored to your specific requirements and development needs.

With over 20 years experience in this field, supported by remarkable case studies, this approach is personalised specifically to your needs and presents tangible, practical and measurable results very quickly. All sessions are in confidence and outcomes remain private.

Find out more for your free online 30 minute consultation by contacting 07787 513205 or email  me at


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