Business is about people, how people work is my specialism.

My Emotional Intelligence (EI) approach and strategy workshops are available to individuals, teams and companies to realise a more effective and productive approach. The workshops are tailored to each client; for individuals, teams and businesses alike. I introduce a series of scientifically-proven modules which enable you to put cognitive reasoning into business thought processes, facilitating profound change and bringing empowerment and motivation back into personal and professional life.

Through this approach you will find that:

•    Life will make more sense, not just in the short term, but also for yourself and for others in the long term
•    You will become more productive and effective at work
•    Your decision-making will be more cognitive, sound and robust 
•    You will experience less stress and become more resilient 

The programmes on offer are:

•    Taster sessions, pilots and EI snapshots
•    Leadership climate indicators
•    Masterclass strategy and go to market workshops
•    1-5 day residential experiential programmes
•    Advanced residential sailing discovery breakaways
•    EI in-house staff programmes 

I work directly with your team in–house, or, preferably, at well-established, high quality venues for residential breaks away in the UK and Internationally.
I also offer Emotional Intelligent Executive Training tailored to your teams’ specific requirements and development needs.

With over 15 years experience in this field, supported by remarkable case studies, this approach is personalised to individual client needs and presents tangible, practical and measurable results. 

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