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Life is about people, my approach focuses on guiding people to create the life they want!  

In the journey of life and the workplace, understanding and adjusting your attitudes and behaviours are crucial. I don't sugarcoat my methods: I'm not your typical "rah-rah" life coach.

As a seasoned executive coach and mentor, my offering is a partnership that is unbiased and confidential. My objective is to guide you in examining your attitudes and behaviours in life. My coaching approach is not run-of-the-mill. It is direct, structured, and backed with over 30 years of expertise, promising tangible results. We will work on a personal coaching programme that is specifically designed for you. Our goal together is not just to transform your life but also to show how you can influence the outcome. My approach to coaching emphasises aligning with your values to foster inspiring, positive, and productive outcomes in your life, the ripple effect of which can touch others' lives.

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