Imagine, a discreet personal opportunity to escape and give yourself  'you' time.


Time to self-reflect whilst exploring remote bays on board an exclusive sailing yacht in the Greek islands.

Imagine, getting away from the distractions of everyday life to explore key aspects of your overall wellness and wellbeing. 

Imagine this available to you to have fun and just turn off!


Santipurna are personal adventures for family and friends to sail away from the noise of everyday life. You will experience cutting out all distractions creating space for yourself to reflect and re-evaluate.


This experience can also provide a personal opportunity for understanding how you manage yourself in becoming personally and interpersonally more effective; in relationships, at work and in life. 


Discover how your life is influenced by your attitudes and behaviours and how, if you choose, you can change them.


Discover aspects about yourself which reveal your true strengths and how to use these skills to have a positive impact on your immediate environment.


Discover areas in which you can further develop yourself, areas that encourage you to be curious, brave and confident. 


If you would like to discover more and are looking for a different approach to traditional holidays we now have various dates available for 2020 on our brand new boat.


Go on....inspire yourself! It's free to contact us. 

Take the first steps to escape, discover and break away by clicking HERE.

© Jon Treanor 2020

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