Too few care too little about too much.

One of the key components that continues to denote and drive successful businesses going forward will be a happy, motivated and healthy workforce. Yet so many businesses fail to do anything about it. They simply don’t talk about it. HR are a busy keeping up with the complexity of ever changing legislation; everyone else is buried in their day job, their family or their smarter than ever phone.

And that’s the problem.

Traditionally, this has meant motivation by incentives, benefits packages, high salaries, bonuses and stock options and even the use fear of fear to motivate people.

These are all well and good however, this carrot dangling stick waving tendency tends to foster a workaholic culture, one that increases stress and can lead to burnout.

It’s time to rethink how best to retain key staff.

This comes at a cost, in following the money, business often forgets that it puts tremendous strain on key personnel and fail to invest in them intelligently. The old mentality around ‘we’ve always done it this way’ will destroy companies who fail to implement change in our rapidly changing workplace.

Relentless economic growth will not go away, new approaches are therefore needed to retain good people, to ensure that they really are seen as valuable. Business’ need to review now how to become transparent in their ethics, true and authentic values rather than platitudes, motivations and even personal spirituality are going to become more relevant.

The historic view on previously referred to as ‘soft skills’ is going to become increasingly important for any successful 21st century organisation.

The longer the delay in its implementation, the longer and deeper the consequences.

Ethics are the foundations of what it means to be human. Ethics give us purpose, ideals, vision and a direction. Lack of ethics leads to dog eat dog greed, for example, it was a lack of ethics that brought about the banking scandal in 2009.

Yet it seems we never learn; greed is ever the main fuel of corruption. Everyone is out to make a buck, and sadly, the lack of ethics means that many will do this seemingly at any cost.

Fraud, money laundering, cheating, over charging , crap service, shit food, deceit, lies, denial, manipulation and covering up are common place; the danger is they are becoming the mainstream ‘game’ we all play and many do nothing about.

If you complain you are a moaner, if you don’t, nobody cares.

For me standards continue to drop because too few people care too little about too much.

Lack of ethics simply fuels a downward spiral, we are in danger of descending into a greed fuelled lawless and chaotic world which we may not be able to recover from.

We all have to take responsibility, to take action, if we look after our own personal microcosm in increasing numbers; it becomes the Macrocosm.

As Below, So Above.

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