You wake up with it in the morning and go to bed thinking about it at night: a never-ending stream of emails, meetings, conference calls, and tasks that needed to get done yesterday. Family time means reading work stuff in the room where your kids are playing video games or catching up on the never-ending home admin. There's so much to get done--85 percent of people work 10 or more hours a day, under such circumstances, personal productivity

isn't just a metric. It's unavoidable, it’s a mandate!

Recently, tools and systems have emerged to help you measure, manage, and maximise what you accomplish. Many are psychological. Behavioral economics reveal the varied and often bizarre ways people think about financial costs and rewards. Similarly, psychologists, business researchers, and even philosophers are illuminating people's idiosyncratic approaches to getting stuff done. But when do you really take a break? A real break away? When do you make time for you? How do you keep up with yourself and really step back and tune into yourself and look at the way you are really coping?

Holidays and vacations are the obvious and traditional way to down tools and turn off.

An increasing number of people want to explore more about themselves during their break, more and more of us are looking to explore and develop ourselves while on holiday as well as days lying by the pool or exploring new places and experiences. Businesses are now looking at sending staff away to de-stress, to re-set and to re-fresh their thinking.

Self-exploration whilst on vacation is now a thing! Santipurna breaks away not only from the mould of traditional holiday models but from the lecture and classroom room approach of the past.

Consider a break away from your normal routine, experience and discover new places and include a less intensive but effective way to explore more about yourself balanced with stunning inspirational locations making it different, rewarding and loads of fun!

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