How To Relax and Replenish This Summer

As humans we are incredibly complex beings. Deep thinkers and medical professionals have been studying the human mind for thousands of years, and there is still so much we don’t know. This lack of knowledge can make it difficult when training our minds to find peace in an increasingly frantic world.

With less time and more responsibility, finding the opportunities to slow down and build strong strong relationships with our emotional self seems harder than ever. That’s why at Santipurna we believe in breaking down what sometimes seems so complex, making peace of mind accessible through the learnings of mindfulness.

Dedicate time for yourself:

In an age where a cell phone has become a permanent attachment to our hand, it seems impossible to escape from the screen. This summer, make it clear to friends, family and work, that you will be unreachable for a decided amount of time.

Once you’ve disengaged from the digital world, you’ll start to remember how it feels to be fully engaged in the world around you. On-board Santipurna sailing retreats, we encourage guests to switch off, so they can switch on to their emotional wellbeing and fully immerse themselves in the stunning experiences around them.

Pay attention:

Without a screen and the constant bombardment of work and life stress, take the time to take note of the world around you. By developing our ability to pay attention to all of our senses and sensations through mindfulness, we become more aware of what we need to ensure our personal wellbeing.

It has become harder to really listen anymore because our attention is divided between so many things. This causes us to lose focus very quickly. The noise of everyday living drowns out our deeper thoughts, making it difficult to escape from the constant chatter in our minds.

We take the time with guests to teach new methods of concentrating on individual thoughts and needs, giving guests the opportunity to lead a more focused, and mindful existence.

For more information on how you can relax and replenish this summer, get in touch here.

Skippers Log:

The sensation and silence of sailing brings a calm serenity as we are in touch and at one with the elements; the wind and the water are the sounds of sailing, they are natural and relaxing.

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