Feed Your Soul With Santipurna

At Santipurna Retreats we strongly believe that nourishing your body with good food has a powerful effect on your health, both physically and mentally.

Simple, fresh flavours are the key elements to the Santipurna Retreats menu. We source our produce from local markets that boast a beautiful array of organic, locally produced fruit, vegetables, meat, and other delicious treats.

Our mornings typically begin with local coffee and a choice from fresh pastries to beautiful, fresh fruit salad and locally made yoghurt. It’s not just about good food onboard with Santipurna, we also encourage a relaxed, intimate dining experience on the boat, where drinks flow and the atmosphere becomes inclusive, fun, and ultimately, unforgettable.

The team pride themselves on providing first class hospitality in dreamy spots with attractive options. Our frequently changing destinations add to the variety, and provide an exciting mix of experiences. They alternate between the best restaurants and wines the Greek islands have to offer, and the simplicity of preparing and sharing freshly prepared dishes that can be enjoyed in the balmy evenings aboard the yacht with the sea lapping at the hull.

We welcome all aboard and work tirelessly to cater to different dietary needs, and we also encourage people to try new flavours and experiences on board with us.

For more information on how to make your summer an unforgettable one, get in touch here

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