Personal Mentoring

Having spent several years working closely with high achievers and aspirational individuals, our unique and confidential development approach is designed to explore what you might still have missing in your life and how to achieve it. Our approach is proven to support and develop a healthier work-life balance, giving people a renewed sense of control and inner contentment in changing attitudes and behaviours to achieve more postive and productive outcomes in life.

Often the very act of achieving our long-held goals, means we are left with questions such as ‘what’s next?’ or ‘so what?’  Personal Mentoring challenges you to answer these fundamental questions and more. As a qualified practitioner of Emotional Intelligence Profiling (EIP), this is one of the main tools we use which gives insight into an individual’s emotional awareness. Along with expanding the dimensions that most impacts the attitudes and behaviours of people, EI also gives us key insights into our strengths and the development areas that need our attention.

The Personal Mentoring Programme is delivered over 8 sessions. The programme gives you:

  • An introduction to 16 aspects of your personal Emotional Intelligence Profile
  • An insight to your current attitudes and behaviours and how to adapt them
  • An enhanced awareness of yourself regards and that of others
  • A personal development plan to enhance your resilience, flexibility and authenticity 

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Personal Mentoring 

Having spent several years working closely with high achievers and aspirational individuals, my unique and confidential mentoring approach is designed to support personal aspirations and align them to team and business objectives.


Emotional Intelligence

In these times of constant change and an increasingly hectic pace of life, we are expected to work faster, think faster and improve our efficiency. Improving our Emotional Intelligence improves our ability to cope!


Strategic Alignment

Our Strategic Alignment workshops are designed to test and validate your business strategy; in today’s economic climate this should be an ongoing organisational requirement to ensure the business is constantly aligned to current market trends and conditions.


Jon's vision is immense. Without his passion, many successes of today may still be on the drawing pad.

What I have seen him do with people from all walks of life is to connect with them simply as human beings, a person who knows people.

Jon is very experienced. His enthusiasm drives him to understand the key aspects of the most complicated situations. He's keen to share his knowledge & experience.

I am just glad Jon was on my side; he is generous and open with the ability to take me to places confidently that I would never thought possible.