Know What You Know

Guiding people to know what they know! Tapping into your hidden potential.



In todays’ world we are bombarded with information, access to almost everything is in the palm of our hand, we are attuned to sound or visual bytes of information and only take in small amounts of intelligence. We have often forgotten how to access our inner knowledge and to draw on the wealth on knowledge and more importantly self awareness that lies in our subconscious.

My approach helps wake our ‘self’ up and focuses on our self awareness and awareness of those around us. It allows us to get in touch with our own personal regard and highlights how we regard other people. These are key ‘awareness’ factors that are critical in building successful relationships that underpins personal accomplishment in our lives. This, you know> The problem is it that it has been lost in the white noise in our life. Many of us have forgotten how to access and channel this powerful awareness for our own benefit. We have become emotionally disconnected. We need to be emotionally more intelligent. We need to remember that we know!

Using my one to one approach of online questionnaire profiles and one to one sessions I work with clients in remembering how to access their self awareness and self regard. We work together to recall how aware you are of yourself and others and how you regard yourself and other people,. These are essential factors that are unknowingly blocking your personal and professional growth.

No matter how successful or happy you are, I can prove that you have forgotten what you know, help you to recover it, and finally use this power to really benefit every aspect of your life.


My Eight Step ‘Personal Awareness’ plan has revolutionised the way people work, as individuals, in relationships and in teams.
It is particularly effective for those who want to change their relationship with fellow workers, senior management, peers, partners and even themselves.


Developed by myself and supported by Internationally regarded Emotional Intelligence and psychologist partners this highly practical and effective method has helped individuals and teams establish more connected, effective and productive relationships.

The core principles of the approach are based on personal awareness and regard as well as understanding and respect for others.  In short these principles :-

  • Eliminate the idea of ‘right and wrong’ replacing it with a deep sense of curiosity and awareness of yourself, your partner and your peers
  • Raise individual awareness around your points of view and their impact on your colleagues and those in your life
  • That all relationships move through phases and have the potential to move to respectful empathetic and effective outcomes 
  • Understanding your self. How your approach can be adapted to have a positive impact on your work and your life 
  • Open Dialogue is a core technique used for all conversations particularly critical conversation. Open Dialogue:-  
    • Promotes and supports change and growth
    • Establishes an environment of confidence which transforms conflict into connection
    • Offers a respectful space to begin re-formatting workplace relationships
    • Allows you to be accurately seen, heard and valued 

The approach was originally developed to help individuals and teams to establish successful and effective relationships. This approach offers a set of tools you can use to understand and navigate difficult situations, allowing you to take responsibility for your actions whilst at the same time understanding others points of view and to understand why they react differently to you.

The approach offers a brilliant set of tools to face the ongoing challenges we each face including a better understanding of how you like to be communicated with and how others in your team need to be approached. 

Using Emotional Intelligence and 4 dimensional profiling it also allows you to develop yourself to experience and cope with situations, whilst at the same time building your personal ability to intelligently manage your emotional state in order to get the best out of yourself and others. 

With 10 years of experience supported by remarkable case studies this approach is personalised to individual client needs and presents tangible, practical and measurable results. 

Jon's vision is immense. Without his passion, many successes of today may still be on the drawing pad.

What I have seen him do with people from all walks of life is to connect with them simply as human beings, a person who knows people.

Jon is very experienced. His enthusiasm drives him to understand the key aspects of the most complicated situations. He's keen to share his knowledge & experience.

I am just glad Jon was on my side; he is generous and open with the ability to take me to places confidently that I would never thought possible.