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9 November 2013

You Are More Than You THINK!

Posted by Jon Treanor

We are only feeling our thoughts in the moment they happen. In today’s society we often feel that we are running at a hundred miles an hour, our minds buzz with noise, we become forgetful, we begin to get nervous about our job; we have to make a huge amount of decisions every day due to the instant capability that technology has put in our hands.

We start to feel anxious which is a strong indicator that we are suffering from decision fatigue or we become stressed. We start to believe that our unpleasant feelings come from something other than our thoughts. We begin to assume that something other than our thoughts or thinking has power over or causes our felt experiences.

This is a common issue, it effectively renders us at the mercy of the belief that something other than our thinking is at work, we can become more nervous, mildly paranoid and we find ourselves questioning our power and often believing we are a victim of circumstances beyond our control. We become a victim of circumstance or we come out fighting, whatever the reason we are at war with an illusion of our own creation.

We then make sure we begin to take control; we begin to manage, control and even manipulate the aspects outside of our thinking in order to protect our feelings. Our imagination begins to work overtime, we become suspicious and measured in our approaches, we begin covering our tracks and our arse behaviour, just in case. This mistaken belief has triggered all sorts of responses and as we are more often than not now feeling our thinking we begin to have a felt sense of the trouble in our work our life and ourselves. We really buy into at an unconscious level that something other than out thinking has the power over how we feel.

Our mind then becomes even more active and speeds up, it gets noisier up there, it gets congested with thousands of thoughts that lead to a deeper sense of insecurity neediness, fear and isolation. We begin to notice that we are more anxious we might need a drink or two to calm and slow us down, some turn to even more radical behaviours and habits to drown out the noise or supress the anxiety. We are stressed, but it manifests in many ways, worry, anxiety, depression, denial and anger are typical outcomes of this subtle but devastating misdirection.

Your natural instinct in reading this will be that your thinking and intellect will tell you that it does not apply to you, or that you will worry about it when it happens, or even worse you ignore it, but ignore it at your peril because it isn’t going to get any better.

The solution is actually quite simple, but it won’t make sense to the intellectual mind. Athletes know what I am writing about and a select few others who can detach from automatic thinking and be in the ‘zone’. It takes an investment and willingness in you to learn how to engage with the process of experiencing clarity and peace of mind.

To learn more about how you can manage your thoughts and feelings more effectively, how this reduces decision fatigue and increases your ability to make better informed cognitive decisions please contact me at or or call +44 (0)7787 513205.

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