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9 November 2013

What The Point? You Are!

Posted by Jon Treanor

It's been a while since I've 'blogged' mainly because I have been so busy, I seem to have been working twice as hard just to stand still!

I, like most people, have been planning and navigating a path through the persistent fallout of the global financial crisis, but unlike them I have had an increase in the number of people wanting to see me. People looking to shore up themselves or their struggling organisations; to review the management teams of businesses for signs of stress and how they can support them better.

People are now experiencing themselves in positions they never envisaged and don't want to be in, they are becoming more and more concerned about the ‘not knowing’ about the future. The reality is there has been an increase in fear, uncertainty and doubt; the facts about adversity are that when we see it as such we see it as adversity and it becomes the enemy. The stressful project, a downturn in sales, minor betrayals, hidden worries disappointments and secrets, the realities of life in today’s modern world need to be faced.

It is at times like this where we need to personally prioritise, we each have the capacity to do so, we are all capable of meeting the hard challenges in life, after all isn't it not the hope of a better future and the promise that it’s all worth it, the reason why we actually do it?

Believe it or not it’s at times like now that it is more important or, whilst presenting our biggest challenges it also offers out greatest chance to grow and develop.

During such times we need guiding, we need teaching and we need showing how to connect to that potential; there are dozens of self-help books to show you how to do it , trouble is you the one who actually has to dig deep and actually make it happen. Now that can be a lonely road.

Learning how to connect you or your team to your and their potential we often need help, assistance in finding the keys to our true ability in times of adversity and austerity.

Learning and understanding how to do this is the basis of the services I provide. Either on a one to one basis or for teams looking to grow to stay ahead of the curve. I provide a route map and tools that is at your disposal as we start the journey of taking you off autopilot to realising your full potential as a human being and enjoying the gifts and life you have.

My aim is to not only guide you to a new level of awareness but to show you how you can tap into, control and manage the impact you are having on your life.

It's not about a quick fix solution, it's not about the latest self-help book, it's about investing in yourself, the most important thing in your life.

Mindfulness Is a couple of thousand years old and its new every time you practice it, to learn more about how I incorporate this into my programme and how it can benefit your life and help you in your personal and business life contact me, Jon Treanor on 07787 513205 or email me at


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