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8 November 2013

We are all mentors for each other

Posted by Jon Treanor

I am often asked whether or not I have a mentor myself, the easy answer is yes, and actually I have several support mechanisms in place to assist my personal growth and development. Ever the student, I don’t accept the work-life balance position, we have one life, work is part of that life and the successful individual is one who can balance all aspects of their self and life. If we can achieve and maintain that balance then we will have a rewarding life experience. For that in my experience we each need support and guidance, I receive personal therapy weekly and practice mindfulness regularly. I have supervision every week in order to sustain my work and personal requirements, we all have issues, no one has all of the answers, we all need to ensure we are supported. I have a personal trainer and a golf coach, I choose to improve and therefore guidance by relevant experts is essential. I have a sounding board and a mentor who I trust and respect, I also happen to like them as an individual, the chemistry works.

It is important when working with people on a personal level to ensure the chemistry works, it might not work right away but it is important that it builds into a respectful relationship, one of mutual trust and understanding therefore I enter into a contract with each client, we agree the boundaries and objectives. Like all one to one relationships it takes effort and commitment to work together, it is my personal responsibility to bring all of myself to each session; I give this time in complete confidence, without judgement.

The purpose of my work with each client is not outside of themselves, each client is the focus, each client works within their self with me as a personal guide. The objective is not simply to inform but to transform; this is my work, my passion. Whilst the journey we make is our own we are not alone in the venture. Assisting forces including me are collaborating and gathering as you read this to help you, you are attracted to this blog for a reason, something within you has brought you here to these words, this now. Its time therefore to make a decision, you are at a bridge that may appear unstable, this conduit is here for you, it is your choice whether to cross it or not, I am also here, available to you to help and facilitate a part of your journey. I have to have taken this path, made the passage, grown, I continue to do so and invite you to do so too. For further information please contact me when you are ready at 


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