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8 November 2013

The Story of Dawn Shaw - Lesson One

Posted by Jon Treanor

Dawn Shaw tried not to fidget and to sit still in the soft leather sofa in the reception lounge of the Lygon Arms Hotel, but she was too nervous. She had never met a mentor before, and she was feeling frustrated and sorry for getting herself into the situation of having to meet one now. Her life was a mess. She hated her senior job, her husband was talking about divorce; she wanted children but her husband had kids from a previous relationship. She simply never felt settled. She had begun to drink more than usual and was beginning to get sneaky and hide it. She was brought up a catholic but had long abandoned that, church going had ceased long ago, although she thought herself spiritual, like her friend Jo. A few weeks ago Jo had pleaded with her to see a mentor, to get some support in all aspects of her life. Jo recommended The Mindfulness Mentor.

Dawn had begged Jo to go too, but she had said she should go alone because she was living a secular life and neglecting who she truly was. Jo said she had gone through similar experiences and mindfulness mentoring was assisting her overcome her perceived barriers, Dawn however was not. The mentor was popular but limited his number of clients, Dawn completed his questionnaire forms, two questions stood out for her, list your passions ... Hmm ‘passions’ she thought, what am I passionate about? I'll come back to that; the other question was who are you? She had pondered this for a long time and still the question remained unanswered.

When the mentor finally arrived Dawn was pleasantly surprised. She had no idea what to expect but this middle aged well-dressed man introduced himself and somehow she felt at ease. He ordered a glass of water and they began to chat about the local area and the questionnaire. It's a nice day he said let's walk in the hotel grounds, they left the hotel and began strolling in the sunshine.

“So” he inquired, “what do you think about whilst you walk?” She considered the question, “nothing much really, I'm not sure really, my job, not wanting to be here, felling awkward, that type of thing.”

The mentor replied “what would it be like to just concentrate on your Walking and nothing else?”

“No idea but I’ll give it a go… just walk without thinking right?” Dawn asked.

“Yes that's right just let go to your thoughts, maybe focus on your breath, but nothing else.”

Dawn looked onto his kindly eyes and her nerves left her “Ok” she said “I’ll try it.”

“Excellent” the mentor replied smiling, “your lessons have now begun.”

The Mindfulness Mentor and Dawn Shaw’s lessons and progress can be followed here as they unfold…

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