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8 November 2013

The Most Effective Painkillers.

Posted by Jon Treanor

Everyday millions of us turn to painkillers, either over the counter or via prescription from our doctor. We all have aches or pains from time to time and at some point we either take a painkiller or go to the doctor for advice. We turn to a specialist when we need help with our health, those that have had training or years of experience, or both. Our body has it’s our unique way of communicating with us and pain is essential as it lets us know that there may be a problem. Physical pain can then often be treated either by simple painkillers or more powerful treatments.

What then of our internal and emotional pain, how does the self communicate this to us? It may well be that the physical ailment we have is as a result of emotional or mental pain, psychosomatic means that it relates to the interaction of mind and body therefor the illness or discomfort can be caused or made worse by mental factors such as stress or anxiety. Each disease or pain has its own treatment options, most guys I know deny any form of pain. In fact this very week (w/c 01.11.12) research from Leeds University concluded that men are better at standing pain than women; in effect they have a higher pain threshold. I don’t necessarily agree with this, first of all it’s very subjective and men would stand anything to prove a point, pain certainly! It’s a tough guy thing.

In my experience however, outside of hypochondria, is that men in general rarely want to admit that there is anything wrong with them, let alone go to the doctor! Imagine then how hard it is for them to seek help with emotional or mental pain. One of the driving reasons for my seeking to become a therapist and why I mentor leaders and high achievers of all kinds and both genders is that I was becoming increasingly concerned about my own emotional and mental wellbeing as well as my physical health. I had a personal trainer for over 10 years, my mind was stimulated by work and solving problems but emotions, Hmmm; my spirit, hmmm; what was the void that was still being suppressed by my being a stubborn man that I needed to explore? In fact I was in spiritual and emotional pain, it often manifest as pain here or a pain there; I needed a painkiller.

My personal journey in search of a painkiller for my emotional pain was typical of me, a full on dive in let’s get better quickly approach that like all painkillers successfully treated the mild symptoms but it nowhere near tackled the real deeper cause of my ache. I journeyed through full intensive week long programmes, spent days in silence with Monks and eventually trained for years as a transpersonal psychotherapist and counsellor. I would accept that this might seem to an outsider like my taking a sledge hammer to crack a nut, however the discoveries I made along the journey have been immense and life changing. Perhaps that’s what I was scared of in the first place, my life changing! But it needed to and I knew it, I could not deny it any more, the hurt had become too much, I was in internal conflict and agony. I needed a painkiller.

The one thing, above all else that I found most valuable is that we need to seek help and guidance when we are in emotional pain just as we do when we experience physical pain. By this I don’t mean we need to get anti-depressants or tranquilisers; by this I mean the single most valuable thing I have in my life are the mentors, teachers, supervisors, colleagues and therapist who have been the guides along my passage.

At first I was afraid I would not be taken seriously, at first I suppressed it with alcohol, sex, drugs and all manner of distractions, I even managed to convince myself that it was others and not me that needed to ‘seek help’. In having the courage to face up to reality and be honest with myself I turned to the person I trusted and loved the most, myself. My instincts have always been strong and my intuition highly sensitive, my pride was getting in the way and my ego was so strong I almost yielded at the first fence, but now some years on I myself offer to be a guide for others, to their journey.

Mindfulness for example has been scientifically proven to help with anxiety and enables us to step out from the noise and to get a different perspective on life in general. Mellow Therapy is a new approach to therapy aimed at taking the stigma and illusion out of the therapeutic process, you don’t have to have something wrong with you, you actually have to have many things right with you to really benefit.

But whether seeking a mild painkiller or a longer term cure, mindfulness mentoring or mellow therapy can offer a painkilling option that is discreet and confidential.

To learn more about how these approaches can assist you in being the best you can be in the short time we are on the planet; please contact me, Jon Treanor personally via this website, emailing me on or simply call me on +44 (0)7787 513 205 number for a chat.

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