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  • 8 November 2013

    We are all mentors for each other

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    I am often asked whether or not I have a mentor myself, the easy answer is yes, and actually I have several support mechanisms in place to assist my personal growth and development. Ever the student, I don’t accept the work-life balance position, we have one life, work is part of that life and the successful individual is one who can balance all aspects of their self and life. If we can achieve and maintain that balance then we will have a rewarding life experience. For that in my experience we each need support and guidance, I receive personal therapy weekly and practice mindfulness regularly. I have supervision every week in order to sustain my work and personal requirements, we all have issues, no one has all of the answers, we all need to ensure we are supported. I have a personal trainer and a golf coach, I choose to improve and therefore guidance by relevant experts is essential. I have a sounding board and a mentor who I trust and respect, I also happen to like them as an individual, the chemistry works.

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