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  • 8 November 2013

    Why me?

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    Mindfulness mentoring is about me being a catalyst, to implement and manifest a change or transformation process in a person’s life. At its heart it is articulating and defining the Potential Self and understanding the Current Self. Together with a client we then build a personal approach to realise the full potential of your true self. You may be a high achiever and have all the wealth and success you have dreamt of; or indeed you may be striving to achieve your goals. The mind is most scattered when it tries to cling on to things and avoid or escape others; Mindfulness mentoring offers the potential of staying present with whatever there is, a wider perspective. Chances are there remains a void deep within you, something you can’t quite put your finger on. You have in the main been on auto pilot. If you find yourself resisting these words then chances are you remain on auto pilot and believe in your own story and thoughts, you are in fact much more than your thoughts and possessions. Have you ever really challenged your own assumptions? Or do you rely of the trappings of your wealth and power to re affirm your sense of identity and self? Maybe you surround yourself with others to do your bidding. It may be a lonely place.

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