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8 November 2013

So you think you know who you are?

Posted by Jon Treanor

So you have achieved your goals, realised your dreams and are enjoying the fruits of success. Well done! So what's next? Are you truly fulfilled and realising the best that you can be? Or does something inside remain unfulfilled and you can't quite put your finger on it? Are you truly happy or do you feel that you have more to give or even more to discover about yourself.

It maybe that you are aspiring to be successful, you are on the way up, already the pressures of this will be taking there inevitable toll. Do you have the right person available to guide and mentor you, to tell your innermost thoughts and feelings to, someone who you trust and who will never reveal your hopes fears and desires outside of a personal one to one relationship.

Success is a lonely and often fickle misnomer, it also means many different things to different people, one person’s measure of success may well not be financial, it may be fame, notoriety or simply achieving your personal best, your inner goals. Yet another will surround themselves with the trappings of success and fill their lives with social activities, wealth however brings its own unique challenges, are York friends your friends because of who you are or what you are worth, maybe even what you can do for them?

We are often blinkered when in pursuit of success, dazzled by the bright lights of achievement, when we achieve our goals we can often feel empty or at a loss as to what to fill the void achievement has left within us. Rest, maybe, find another distraction, play golf, travel, have an affair whatever it might be it will be a distraction, the emptiness will not fill a restless soul. Perhaps like me you may choose to re train do a second degree or MBA, use your skills to give something back or pay it forward.

Whatever your status the reality is time marches on, the years seem to fade away we are all aware of our final destination however much we may feel we are immortal the reality is success whatever it is for you can never slow the inevitable.

My professional and private services are specifically tailored to ask the hard questions of yourself, to challenge your own assumptions, as a guide and mentor I have faced these questions and traversed the road less travelled, whilst having come from extreme poverty to huge success I have experienced the trials and tribulations the journey of life presents us. In working with me you will learn to explore what it really means to be human, to accept what is, to discover who you really are and your true life purpose.

To learn more of how you can personally benefit from my confidential practice, please feel free to contact me for a non-obligatory frank discussion with complete discretion on: or 07787 513205. - See more at:

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