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8 November 2013

Once upon a time in a land far far away....

Posted by Jon Treanor

Stories, myths, parables and prose offer us insights to understanding some of the difficult questions in life. As a child I loved stories, I read comic after comic immersing myself in stories of colourful or scary characters or learning of faraway lands that were magical In there description. When I discovered cinema these stories came to life, the characters became real the heroes of my childhood now spoke and did all the things the stories told me they could do. I was hooked and sought to follow my passion; a career in film, media and games where I could be closer to the stories and the characters I loved and that had such an impact on how I saw the world was.

The heroes quest was always a favourite, as were the cowboys and Indians, and, as in Star Wars they always dodged the bullets, beat the bad guys, overcame the odds. Sadly real life did not and does not work like it does in stories and whilst they offer us insight and belief they are often the hyperbole of reality.

Reality is painful, the trials and tribulations of life test us on a regular basis, and unlike the movies we don't always beat the bad guys, overcome the odds, and survive. We often struggle with the basic pain of life striving and surviving on a daily basis just to put food on the table and to pay the bills.

We question what it's all about, what is the meaning of this thing we call life, what do I have to do to find contentment? peace of mind? If we are lucky enough to be born privileged it presents its own unique challenges, we all at some point or another will encounter a crisis in our life.

None of us are immune from what life throws at us, unlike the stories the good guys don't always win to fight another day, in real life we often need support and guidance, I have my own mentor and support system in place to ensure I am being the best that I can be, what have you got in place to support the next phase of your life, your being here, now today on planet earth?

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