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8 November 2013

Oh the times they are changing...

Posted by Jon Treanor

We are living, some are saying in the most precarious times in history; but most definitely we are in very unstable and uncertain times, I believe we are living in exciting and powerful times where the energy, both metaphorically and literally, in the world is changing. Change evokes various reactions from people, some who thrive and welcome it and others who shrink and fear it. As an Aquarian I have been told many times we are in the age of Aquarius and that on a deep level the spiritual consciousness of the world is changing, well, after more than half a century I can actually for the first time feel that this is true, I believe that on a global level we are each being challenged to look at ourselves, what we do and how we are being in a different way. I feel that we are going through our greatest challenge as human beings both on an individual and collective level. We are being challenged personally to let go of the old ways of doing things and looking for new ways of being in the world. As the world struggles and old ways of doing things continue to fail and crumble this is a perfect opportunity to really look at ourselves, our belief systems, and take the opportunity to create and build a new way of being and a new world.

We believe that the material world is our true reality, why wouldn’t we it’s all we really know right? As a child I thought grownups knew everything and that as they were in charge everything would be alright, I felt safe in that. As I grew up I realised more and more that the grownups were in fact making it all up themselves and were as afraid as everyone else, some were just more gifted at hiding it or turning it into power bases. I called this the big lie. As a result I felt lost, empty, alone and afraid, I searched for happiness in things and in others, I needed to find fulfilment and sought it in money, cars, notoriety possessions, relationships, work, fame, food, drink and drugs. These were temporary, they never lasted and eventually they left me feeling more lost and alone than before. I knew I was unhappy, unfulfilled. I also knew I cared more about myself and my life than to let this continue to happen to myself.

As I opened up, very slowly, suspiciously and carefully at first I knew at some point I would have to let go or even worse surrender. This terrified me to the point of panic attacks. My progress was painfully slow, like a child about to attempt their first width of the swimming pool, I was terrified to let go of the side and launch myself across the pool. This told me one important lesson, to do this I need to reach out, I needed help, guidance and assistance, I already had a personal trainer to help keep my body in some sort of shape (I know round is a shape!) therefore I thought it best to seek guidance from others who knew, I’m not a religious person, I follow no particular doctrine as I believe they all have something wonderful to say however for me, having been a leader rather than a follower, this would be a step too far, I simply could not feel it.

I knew and chose to change old ways and patterns, I was scared about doing this, I knew my journey would be alone and my time was now… it was a journey within myself as everything I had experienced so far in life had been outside of myself. I needed help on this journey, help to be the best that I could be, help in order to move on with confidence; help to learn to give back. I reached out… can and will you?

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