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9 November 2013

New Wisdom from Old Doctrines

Posted by Jon Treanor

I hear on the grapevine that my colleague and friend Professor Mark Williams at Oxford University has been discussing mindfulness politics at number 10 Downing Street, not before time in my view! Mindfulness is rapidly becoming the new Zeitgeist, ironic really as it’s over 2000 years old! Is this a sign that even politicians know that the current ways of doing things are no longer working, are they seeking like so many of us for new ways of being? New wisdoms from old doctrines for 21st century leaders?

Prof Williams’ book; ‘Finding peace in a frantic world’ (ISBN 978-0-7499-5308-9) forms the back drop of my unique and exclusive service targeted at senior business executives and high profile individuals and achievers. My Mindfulness Mentor approach is also aimed at addressing the pressures of modern day life, the expectations that employers and society put on us all. It is based on the my personal experience and of some of the particular costs to me over the years, the issues which come with top level management and achievements I have encountered as a side effect of success.

For example having achieved all of the trappings of success…the car, the house, the career and a lifestyle most dream of. When you have it all, what next? High achievers often feel something is still missing. They still may not feel satisfied or fulfilled and many are still asking themselves what life is all about and what will the next chapter be, what will it bring?

I have carefully crafted and developed the approach of Mindfulness Mentoring based on my own personal experience of the highs and lows of striving for achievement and to be the best that I could be. What I realised was what it actually took to be successful in any field and indeed how to handle it when you get there.

The Mindfulness Mentor approach has now been proven to work but only if individuals are willing to step outside of the norm, to be willing to change and not be ‘mediocre’. Having been there, I have experienced the highs and lows of a successful career, made the big deals, travelled the world, and sacrificed my marriage and family for my success. I understand and empathise with the loneliness this path can bring. I only wish I had found this sooner.

Mindfulness Mentoring is one of the results of several years of my personal experience and reflections, including my TV appearance in the BBC 2 series, The Big Silence. Over the last 5 years my choice has been to bring this experience by way of mindfulness mentoring and guiding others in the executive workplace; based on age old philosophies and approaches Mindfulness helps people think differently and approach things in a different way. This unique experience will not only help executives and high achievers thrive personally but also professionally. It explores every aspect of an individual’s life to help them learn, grow and develop.

I work 1:1 with people seeking change in their lives, individuals who are curious about being the best that they can be in all aspects of life. I only work with a small number of clients at any one time to ensure each client receives my personal attention and therefore benefit directly from the bespoke, personal approach I use.

I am a visiting faculty lecturer at Cranfield University’s business management school, together with my colleague Laura Payne we run a two day Mindful Executive residential course. This allows executives to return to the core inner wisdom that has been at the heart of their success - this is the spirit of mindfulness. By structuring a stronger mind you can bring greater effectiveness into your actions. A Strong Mind equals Compassionate Decisions.

I am also an Associate Partner at Votive Leadership LLP of whom deliver comprehensive coaching programmes bespoke to businesses seeking to ‘put the soul back into business’

Essentially the Mindfulness Mentor programme can not only support and help with business life and the stresses it can bring, it is also very effective in developing a healthier balance in life and a renewed sense of control and wellness in daily life.

To learn more about how I incorporate this into my programme and how it can benefit your life and help you in your personal and business life contact me, Jon Treanor on 07787 513205 or email me at

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