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8 November 2013

Must Read Alert For Top Executive Business Leaders!

Posted by Jon Treanor

You're at work in the office. It's 2 pm and you've had no lunch. In the space of an hour 300 emails have filled your inbox and now your Mobile is ringing. In the nearby office you can hear your PA fielding calls. You remember with a sinking feeling that at 3pm you’ve got a meeting with the Chairman about the share value. You are still pondering about a major staff crisis. The sales director has resigned and you need to get him out. It's your partner on phone - one of the kids is ill at school and they are also stuck at work. You've got 4 major customers to call back due to sales director leaving and going to the opposition.


As a CEO your normal ALPHA response is: I WILL COPE. But are you? The intuitive reaction is to step forward - pull up the proverbial sleeves & get on with it. Enter the zone of autopilot.

In fact you should step back. This is not a battle with how you are going to cope...but a battle with yourself.

In our daily lives we do 90 per cent of our activities on autopilot. We multi-task and before we’ve finished actually doing the first thing, our mind is on to the next one or the one after. Think about it. Where is your mind right now? Bet you are listening to (reading) this but you’re thinking about what you need to do next, aren’t you? And even if you don’t think you are, subconsciously your mind is playing with that to-do list in the background. It’s agitated, prodding you and rushing you along.

If you look at how many hours of your life you are truly conscious of each moment then you’ve probably only got another five or six years left!

Mindfulness is the answer. It can double your life in the number of hours you are truly alive each day. It is a set of scientifically proven practices to enable you to step back from the frantic world and put all of yourself – mind, body and emotions - back in control.

It is being credited as a major contributing factor to some impressive US corporate achievements including Google, AOL and the US Military, it’s now coming to the UK and we are leading the way. It is the underpinning of every major Olympic athlete’s training programme. And Harvard university research on Mindfulness practitioners has shown that they have more grey brain cells, better cortisol levels and thicker stems. They are also happier and more productive in all aspects of their lives.

Lawyer & senior exec, Janice Marturano of General Mills (Cheerios and Häagen-Dazs) has certainly discovered just that. Today when the stress builds up she sits back in her desk, closes her eyes and starts what she now calls her mindfulness practice. As she watches her breath and allows her body to still, her Mind concentrates on each moment by moment. It looks deceptively simple. However she knows it has taken many months of tough mental discipline to get to this point.

In early 2000 General Mills was struggling as a business. Since Janice discovered Mindfulness and took the senior board on a Mindful retreat in 2006 they have put the ancient art of light meditation and wellbeing into the heart of their leadership. Now it is open to all 3000 employees and they are a $17 billon company.

To learn more about how mindfulness can help you as an individual or your business please contact Jon on +44 (0)7787 513 205 or email

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