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9 November 2013

Has The Soul Gone Out of Business?

Posted by Jon Treanor

To define the needs at the heart of many organisations initially we need look at the individual beliefs of the leaders. Often the underlying feeling, although not usually known or if it is it’s not spoken is ‘self pity’, in other words the company’s performance is down to the misfortune of the economic climate for example, decision fatigue often leads to a ‘poor me’ attitude. This projected blame and lack of ownership results in unwritten beliefs such as, "it is hard for us", this subsequently manifests in a demoralised organisation, poor behaviour and a feeling of helplessness.

So how do we turn this negative belief system around and help employees and establishments move away from this dark thinking? To do this we have to get into the heart (and soul) of an organisation, many companies have heart in them however often something they have lost or forgotten is that they have soul. The starting point is to find where existing beliefs and principles originate and look for the evidence that supports them. Often there is none, resistance and reluctance to accept holds them back. Ego cannot accept that it might be failing. By identifying and recognising patterns leads to awareness, which in turn guides leaders to a point of realisation and acknowledgement or, as the case may be, denial.

By discovering true values and in building individual awareness new beliefs emerge both individually and collectively, an approach begins to emerge based on empowerment and the victim mentality begins to erode. This builds a healthier more productive business culture. The objective of this approach subtly guides individuals to self-realisation and helps them to find their own place of truth, their spirit, and then to challenge their own business behaviour to bring out this truth, in essence this then is projected as the soul of the business.

As a result business productivity can often increase quickly, employee behaviour changes; bad becomes good and good becomes great. Awareness however is only the start of the journey, years of personal experience to date has proven that once an organisation gets to a true and positive reason as to why the company actually exists, (it is often little to do with actual product or service) effectively its true values and beliefs naturally align the workforce behind a common shared vision, in effect, business becomes clearer.

The company begin sailing downstream and not fighting against the currents. It becomes easy to communicate the vision, which has been accepted internally, to the outside world. The negative ‘pity’ is turned into a positive empowered belief system that runs through the entire business.

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