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8 November 2013

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

Posted by Jon Treanor

With the economy in stasis many people are becoming increasingly concerned as the months of recession turn into years. Will I have a job? can I keep up my payments? are typical common questions being asked right now. 

This is turn increases uncertainty and subsequently individual anxiety levels, we all feel under more stress and often overwhelmed and unable to cope. We fear for our security, we don't really like uncertain change or change that is forced upon us and out of our control our futures become uncertain and our stable safe lives become potentially compromised.

The reality is the world we know is changing, traditional infrastructures which we relied upon are failing. Burying our heads in the sand will shortly cease to be an option for an ever increasing number of people. How we each deal with that is of course a personal choice, who or what do we turn to to assist us? help us to cope and put things into perspective. 

There appears to be a lot of negative thinking that leads to negative energy and apathy around right now with people in all walks of life looking for alternatives and answers. I have deliberately designed my two offerings, Mindfulness Mentoring and Mellow Therapy to specifically focus on people who are looking for personal or professional answers. 

professionally I have built and managed teams and executed to business plans exposed to rapid change on a global scale, I know and understand the issues, I've lived the stress. Personally I have found the courage to really look at myself to explore what lies beneath the effective and protective ego I had built. These things I chose to do when having achieved so much I had lost so much of myself. I was left wanting and wondering why I felt even more empty after I achieved the Porsche and personal wealth, had I compromised my self for the sake of material things. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the material things, but I felt I was lacking, when I was alone, I really did feel alone.

I have subsequently combined my life and professional experience with my personal beliefs and values, I have taken the road less travelled, I have faced my demons and chose to train further in a second degree in psychotherapy that has led me here to this, now. 

I will only work with people where the chemistry works, my approach is newly developed and will only suit certain people, this is a conscious decision by me to limit my clients but deliver my full self to any relationship I agree to.

If you feel you could not offer the same, click onto another website, this is not for you.

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