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8 November 2013

Crisis or Inspiration?

Posted by Jon Treanor

Senior executives and high achievers are unaware that they are operating on autopilot; personal decision making is a ceaseless engine grinding the life out of the creativity in all of us. Quality of thought & reasoning is becoming harder to maintain, particularly in today’s fast frenetic and sometimes furious world. We have developed an over-reliance on assumptions, with the internet demanding instant decision making, I personally believe we are in danger of eroding our human values. We are all suffering from decision fatigue.

We need to constantly invest in our own personal development and growth therefore we need to review our qualities and do the check list on ourselves. Particularly if we are an aspiring achiever or we have made it, what are the consistent qualities that make a good leader, someone to aspire to, a high achiever, and an inspirer?

  • Self-knowledge: know your strengths/weaknesses/Dephi: ‘Know thyself’
  • Good Strategist/planner/sense direction/Cognitive thinker/reasoner
  • Arch Communicator 
  • Healthy mind and body
  • Natural Empathy - sense of humility, team building, sense of service
  • Worldly/informed
  • Competitive desire to win
  • Discipline - Ethics, values, integrity, morals
  • Creative and innovator: handling change, adaptable, versatile, agile
  • Decisive
  • Humour
  • Charisma X Factor – passionate, inspiring, belief

In the mindfulness mentoring and leadership training we explore and challenge individuals’ self-assumptions, we look at all aspects and qualities of a person in a mindful way together with each client. We align these to the critical success factors in your life whether it’s your career or job, your home, health, relationship. You may be experiencing a personal crisis or fatigue and wish to change the way your life is, my approach together with like-minded colleagues who are also experienced and trained in all aspects of Mindfulness Leadership.

To learn more about The Mindfulness Mentor or the personal Mellow Therapy approach please contact Jon on 07787 513205 or email

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