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15 March 2016

Brave new world? Brave new strategy?

Posted by Jon Treanor

I’ve lost count of the number of business leaders who have told me how their strategy has failed. They describe how hard it’s become to understand and win in this new world, how to get the staff to buy in. They explain the lack of aligned effort, dubious talent or energy for the task.  They explain they have a vague vision, dramatically changed marketplace. They also explain how little faith they have in advisors and consultants!

Solutions you may have experienced in the past maybe another legacy situation waiting to happen, potentially hollow and expensive promises that fail. Add to this the reality that the words used to describe strategy and change are overused, abused and meaningless.

Carrying on assuming that things will somehow get better or that the old ways of dealing with these things might just start to work seems like a strange and risky strategy and yet many find this to be a safe fall-back position. I know what I know, right?

I challenge all perceptions and positions of thinking, not for the sake of it but because what I hear all too often just doesn’t link up or fails to get implemented; until it's too late.

I believe this is because what’s needed to be done is not what most senior executives have been used to doing. They have not typically been taught to do the cultural and behavioural forensics, nor to think differently about how ‘conscious’ the enterprise really is, nor do they spend serious time clarifying the story of the strategy — in particular ‘why’ the business deserves to succeed.

All businesses need to perform at the highest possible level, to own and lead their categories, to be inspiring places to work, to be resilient in the face of constant pressure. But we don’t see anywhere enough effort going into what that actually means inside the hearts and minds of the people who are expected to deliver it. The willingness is there but the time to reconstruct it is so often seen as non-core.

You may have changed the way you think but strategy is often slow in emerging and you will need change the way you work, to develop a resilient mentality within yourself and staff to cope with oncoming change! YOU KNOW THAT YOU KNOW THIS BUT DO YOU KNOW HOW TO EFFECTIVELY PUT IT INTO ACTION? 

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