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Jon Treanor

Media commentator on mentoring, business strategy, Mindfulness
, Professional Emotional Intelligence specialist and business strategist working with individuals, teams and business'. Former President and CEO of Celoxica PLC, a Oxford University spin-off company and Chairman of Conduit Partners. Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist 2001.



Jon Treanor’s colourful and award-winning career spans the film, music, new media, software and technology industries. Jon has more than 40 years’ experience in high-level international senior management and executive roles in companies including Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Sony Corp and Philips NV.
Jon discovered Mindful Mentoring in 2010 and now helps businesses and individuals to use these techniques to achieve success. Having experienced a difficult childhood along with homelessness, Jon has spent the past decade facing his demons and learning from his own personal experiences.


Media Experience

In 2010 Jon took part in the BBC 2 TV series ‘The Big Silence’ spending eight days of silence in a Monastery. This proved a life-changing experience that led him to study for his second degree, in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Counselling.
The Big Silence led to regional and national coverage: BBC Oxford News, BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 5 live, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio Oxford. Jon was also Channel 5’s ‘Money programme’ Technology Adviser for two years (2000-2002) and has achieved recognition for his work with unemployed young people.


Comment Areas

    •    Business strategy
    •    Mindfulness in business and personal life
    •    Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapy
    •    Whole life balance


Media Quotes

“Mindfulness is a practice whose time has come. For a long time practitioners knew this but the science was not there. Now the science has caught up. There is sound research which proves that Mindfulness is helping turn businesses around. Google, AOL and Astra Zeneca are all reporting astonishing changes as a result of introducing Mindfulness into the work place. Both businesses and individuals need help to cope with the pressures of our frenetic lives in an uncertain world. Mindfulness is the answer.”

For further information or interview opportunities/comment from Jon Treanor please contact Katie-ann Roberts on 07500 726 444, email katieann@jontreanor.com or Jon on 07787513205, email jon@jontreanor.com

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