Mindfulness At Work

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The results speak for themselves. Companies such as Google, AstraZeneca and Transport for London who have already introduced mindfulness training are seeing quite amazing results. For example, Transport for London ran a six week reduction course attended for two hours a week by all employees who met a certain criteria. This included mindfulness as well as other traditional stress reduction techniques, such as CBT.

Days absent for stress, anxiety and depression dropped by 71% over the next three years, while absences for all conditions dropped by 50%. There were also qualitative improvements, with 80% of participants reporting improvements in their relationships, 79% improvements in their ability to relax, 64% improvements in sleep patterns and 53% improvements in happiness at work.

My sense now is that traditional business models aren't working. Increasingly businesses need to demonstrate world needs to ask how it can move forward differencetly; it has to be open-minded and willing to change. Propaganda marketing internal enquiries and superficial reshuffles are just symptoms of anxiety - like shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic.

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