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To support business executives who are stuck in old patterns that hold them back, the Praxis Centre at Cranfield School of Management is launching a new two-day residential course that will introduce delegates to the power of mindfulness to enhance their well–being and effectiveness in the workplace, a subject discussed earlier this year at the World Economic Forum in Davos.
The programme is designed to help managers gain an inner core of awareness that leads to greater effectiveness and a deeper control of decision-making.  In today’s society people often feel that they are running at a hundred miles an hour, their minds buzz with noise, they become forgetful, they begin to get nervous about their job; they have to make a huge amount of decisions every day due to the instant capability that technology has put in their hands. They start to feel anxious which is a strong indicator that they are suffering from decision fatigue or they become stressed. They start to believe that their unpleasant feelings come from something other than their thoughts. They begin to assume that something other than their thoughts or thinking has power over or causes their felt experiences.  This course addresses this common issue by enabling delegates to experience clarity and peace of mind.
Jon Treanor, one of the Programme Directors, has more than 35 years’ experience mentoring international business executives.  He commented: “My sense now is that traditional business models aren’t working.  Increasingly businesses need to demonstrate values and a conscience.  The business world needs to ask how it can move forward differently; it has to be open-minded and willing to change in the same way that people change most effectively – from the inside out.  We will work with executives to help them find a new mind space and learn a set of practices that empower them dynamically, both professionally and in their personal life.”
The Praxis Centre at Cranfield specialises in leadership and management development, with an emphasis on the individual's personal development - who they are and who they could be. Using a holistic approach, Cranfield’s experts help individuals develop deeper self-awareness which can transform their approach to their role and relationships at work.
Programme Co-Director Laura Payne commented: “Over two days, we will encourage delegates to step out of their ‘autopilot mode’ and experience a completely new mind space.  Ancient and modern mindfulness practices will be used to illustrate how judgemental, self-critical patterns of thinking and acting, built over a lifetime, can crowd thoughts and decision making. Habits and old patterns of behaviour can be destructive or act as barriers to personal development and transformational growth.”  
For more information about Cranfield’s new two-day residential course ‘The Mindful Executive’ taking place 15-16 October 2013 or to make a booking: Email:  or Tel: +44 (0) 1234 754506.  
The tuition fee for the two-day residential course is £1,900.

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