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Corporate Contender

Professor Greg Whyte OBE and psychotherapist Jon Treanor launch ‘Corporate Contender’ programme for 360 degree executive health. Unique programme delivers comprehensive wellnes...


BBC 2 - The Big Silence

In 2010 Jon took part in the BBC 2 TV series ‘The Big Silence’ spending eight days of silence in a Monastery. This proved a life-changing experience that led him to study for h...


Cranfield Launches Programme

To support business executives who are stuck in old patterns that hold them back, the Praxis Centre at Cranfield School of Management is launching a new two-day residential course ...


Hoffman Institute Newsletter

Jon has more than 35 years’ experience in international senior management with companies including Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Sony Corp and Philips NV and he's been m...


Meditate With The Marines

Business leaders who want to improve their decision-making skills should take a tip from the marines: meditate before going into action.“As leaders become more senior they have t...


Mindfulness At Work

The results speak for themselves. Companies such as Google, AstraZeneca and Transport for London who have already introduced mindfulness training are seeing quite amazing results. ...


Speaker Biography

Jon Treanor Media commentator on mentoring, business strategy, Mindfulness
, Professional Emotional Intelligence specialist and business strategist working with individuals, tea...


Therapy Today

My first degree is a BA in marketing. I finally managed to do this in my 30s, while working for Sony. My boss saw promise in me and persuaded me to do it. I had no academic quali...


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