The JTL Philosophy

"The JTA philosophy is a new and informative approach for visionaries and game changers. It challenges and defies outmoded personal development and models. It assists in designing tomorrow’s success stories and inspires the next generation. 

High achievers create a feel-good factor and inspire others

When we invest significantly in ourselves we by definition impact our careers, we are often left to our own devices and lack guidance, structure or peer-level sounding boards.  Our approach provides all of these elements in a step-by-step process that allows you to confidently express yourself fully. By way of mentoring, you also benefit from our experienced and non-judgemental professional support services.

Understanding the essence of your abilities has different and unique effects. All our interventions are confidential and designed to focus on the individual awareness and training of each particular client. Personal attitudes are challenged, and influences from your life are explored. This gives you time to re-calibrate and test hypotheses, both vital to your overall personal growth and development of your attitudes and behaviours.

Change and transformation is inevitable

Any change or transformation can be daunting and very personal. Change is inevitable in order to stay ahead and remain competitive. Being aware and mindful of your own attitude, and behaviours, offers a unique and hugely beneficial advantage to those with aspirations for success.

This holistic and integrative approach is based on identifying and developing original talent for growth in today’s ever-changing world. By challenging entrenched ways of thinking, a new approach is emblematic of our up-and-coming generations and gives us footholders for coping with the stresses and strains this will put on each of us as well as our attitude to them as well as our subsequent behaviours.

Well-respected methods

The disciplines and proven methods of coaching, mentoring and counselling form the backbone to the JTA mentoring approach. This ensures that the necessary change in your mindset, to face your everyday challenges, is managed and developed in line with your personal aspirations and capabilities. Its very simplicity has proven to have a significant and tangible effect on your performance and individual well-being.

Being the best that you can be will ensure your life will be the best that it can be, therefore inspiring this transformation in others.

Jon's vision is immense. Without his passion, many successes of today may still be on the drawing pad.

What I have seen him do with people from all walks of life is to connect with them simply as human beings, a person who knows people.

Jon is very experienced. His enthusiasm drives him to understand the key aspects of the most complicated situations. He's keen to share his knowledge & experience.

I am just glad Jon was on my side; he is generous and open with the ability to take me to places confidently that I would never thought possible.