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Providing individuals, teams and busineses with an approach to shape attitudes and behaviours in a rapidly changing world.


Learn About Yourself

Empowering people by showing them they know that they know. 

Mentor mirroring back what others fail to tell you.


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Emotional intelligence specialist focused on those willing to go the extra mile.

Working exclusively and confidentially with people who take their personal development seriously.


Latest Blog Entries

Brave new world? Brave new strategy?

I’ve lost count of the number of business leaders who have told me how their strategy has failed. They describe how hard it’s become to understand and win in this new world, how to get the staff to buy in. They explain the lack of aligned effort,...

Jon's vision is immense. Without his passion, many successes of today may still be on the drawing pad.

Andrew – Oxfordshire, UK

What I have seen him do with people from all walks of life is to connect with them simply as human beings, a person who knows people.

Keith - San Jose, USA

Jon is very experienced. His enthusiasm drives him to understand the key aspects of the most complicated situations. He's keen to share his knowledge & experience.

Heather – Birmingham, UK

I am just glad Jon was on my side; he is generous and open with the ability to take me to places confidently that I would never thought possible.

Joe - San Francisco, USA